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There's never been a time when I didn't have passion for solving problems and teaching others. Once I got my hands on technology, I never let go, and it is an adventure I delight in every day. Through coding, writing, training, and graphic design, it's a joy to share what's new and cool. 

I Like Being Hands-On

I've been blessed with a knack for grokking hardware and software. I don't typically have to RTFM. On the rare occasion that I am stumped, I have a gift for tracking down the information I need to get me back on track, often in obscure forums or tucked inside other contexts. I've developed a wide range of skills from a long career being curious and creative. 

I'm Into Testing and Discovering

I'm delighted by advances in technology and opportunities. I keep current by following diverse voices writing on the web, and publishing podcasts and videos. Never before have we had such a wealth of tools and resources, and it's a joy to discover what's possible even as it is evolving. 

I'm a Nerd with Compassion for Consumers

My preference is for the Apple ecosystem, but I'm also adept with Microsoft and Google products.  Having been a trainer for so long, I know first hand that everyone's brain is wired differently. Apple may not be the best answer for everyone. My guiding tenet is: people should use the tools and technologies that best serve them. Sometimes that means not choosing my personal preference. That's okay.

I believe in paying for Apps, respecting your customers, thanking folks for a job well done, and being open to trying new things. I enjoy keeping up with and experimenting with tech beyond my own needs, as that helps me best serve my clientele. 

How I Contribute to Your Success

  • Skilled with multiple technologies, able to adapt solutions to your existing workflow
  • Quick and efficient tech solutions and implementations
  • Effective, articulate writer and designer of instructional materials
  • Independent, communicative worker who meets deadlines
  • Detail oriented, success-focused, collaborative
  • A dynamic and approachable training style that engages even the most reluctant users

Projects I'm interested in

    I love working with small companies that educate, heal, or otherwise helps folks improve themselves and the world around them. I specialize in short-term and contract projects that break you free from obstacles impeding your success.  I'm the fresh eyes that can identify and resolve administrative inefficiencies and inadequate training with the technology you're using. 


    I can Hand-Code Web Sites*, but Specialize in Squarespace Sites

    * plus tackle the fiddly stuff, like scripting and site configurations

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    Passionate, tech savvy self-starter, pursuing a creative and challenging position with cooperative, hard-working, spirited folks. I primarily work as a freelancer, providing exceptional problem solving skills, professional tech support and expertise, and superior administrative solutions.


    • Design, develop, and implement back-office systems: databases, spreadsheets, modeling, business documents, and scripting to satisfy various business requirements.
    • Design and Code Web Sites - HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Graphic Design, Photo Editing.
    • Develop and implement organizational and scheduling systems suited to each learning type.
    • Develop courseware and deliver training for one-on-one, online, and adult education classes. 
    • Developed and delivered Computer Education Skills Course, including materials, for Santa Clara County, satisfying regulations issued by the California Commission on Teaching Credentials, mandatory for teacher credentialing.
    • Hardware, software, and networking technical support and training, including reconfigurations, upgrades, and recommendations.
    • My emphasis is on Apple hardware and software, but I’m also adept with Microsoft and Google applications. I am particularly skilled at successfully training novice and reluctant users.


    Self Employed (Half-Time) — 1989-Present

    • Provide technical support, training, and services for a variety of industries and entrepreneurs.
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills. Reputation for being resourceful, detail-oriented, and steadfast. 
    • Solving user-specific problems and providing custom solutions instruction to suit user learning style
    • Project management - Managing and tracking construction, designs, installations, interfacing with vendors and suppliers
    • Design and implement bookkeeping system for multi-property business

    Technical Trainer, Cengage Learning — 2007-2011

    • Supported a broad audience of adult learners through online classrooms with text-based support. 
    • Successfully assisted users who were unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology. My writing skills and effective, tailored examples improved customer satisfaction 45%.

    IT Technician, Trainer, and Course Developer, The IMS Group — 2005-2006

    • Identified areas where formal training would improve efficiency, accuracy, and inter-department communication. 
    • Created and provided end-user training on business applications and in-house software utilities. 
    • Designed and built custom utilities, scripts, spreadsheet models, and templates for direct access to the ERP system databases. 
    • Provided end-user training of custom tools to Engineering, Operations, Sales, and Administration, improving accuracy and efficiency 50% in engineering and production.



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