Connect Your Domain Name to a Squarespace Site

  • Open your Squarespace Website in your web browser
  • Choose [Owner Access]
  • Enter your user name and passwords
  • On the left you’ll see:
  • Choose [Settings]
  • Then you’ll see:
  • Choose [Domains]
  • Then you’ll see:
  • Choose [Connect a Third-Party Domain]
  • Then you’ll see:
  • In the text box below DOMAIN NAME, type in your existing domain name, like so:
  • Now click [Continue]
  • Then you’ll see:
  • At this point, you’ll click [Connect Domain] and then follow the instructions for changing your DNS Server Settings. These steps require access to your Domain Registrar Account (e.g. Your GoDaddy Account). Following those instructions correctly is what will make your Domain Name ( work properly with the Squarespace web site.