Add a Countdown Timer to a Squarespace Sales Funnel

Increase engagement and conversions by adding a countdown timer to your marketing message, creating a sense of urgency.

Motion Mail Countdown Timer

Motion Mail ( gives you an easy-to-use interface to create and customize a countdown timer like this one: countdown timer

(I love that it counts down in real time, right on the page)

At the same time, a countdown also eliminates confusion for customers. Watching the time tick down adds to the sense of urgency and excitement. You won't want to miss out. ;-) 

MotionMail lets you customize the timer type, colors, and fonts. 

MotionMail App Countdown Timer

When you create your timer, you'll receive a single line of code, like this: 

<img src="" alt="" />

Use the Squarespace Code Block

You can embed this into Squarespace Pages, Blog Posts,Sales Funnels, and more using the Code Block. Motion Mail is free to start, so check them out at:

Countdown Timer in MailChimp 

You can also insert the code into MailChimp Campaigns and Automations using the Code Block.

Amazing Andrea