Apple Maps - Find Things Nearby

When I'm out with friends, we tend out improvise our adventures. We usually have a starting point, what city we're going to, but after that it's a matter of what feels yummy in the direction we're heading. That's when friends tend to think I'm magical, mostly because I'm really practiced at the tricks of using Apple Maps on my iPhone.

Being able to see things laid out on the map makes it easier to decide what order to do things in, or to narrow down choices by precise location. Some of my most often used search phrases:

  • food nearby 
  • theaters nearby
  • clothes nearby
  • art galleries nearby

For whatever neighborhood we're hanging out in, I search on THAT-TOPIC NEARBY and the map fills in with pins for those results (see attached image). When you open Apple Maps, you'll typically see your current location. If you speak or type the phrase into the search box at the top of the screen, you'll see results around your current location. To reset the map view to your current location, tap the "arrow" in the lower-most-left corner of your screen. To do a search for a location you're not currently in, add the city name to the search. For example:
theatres nearby San Francisco

You can also ask Siri to do the searches for you by starting with they keyword "What":
What food is nearby?
What theaters are nearby?

Siri presents that information in a list, with distance indicated. I prefer the map myself, so I can better plot our adventure's route. Pretty cool, right? smile emoticon