Benefits of Using a Business Email Account

Get a business email account

Having a business email address means your email address ends with your own domain name. For example: corresponds to my website.

Legitimize Your Business Interactions

I've found that business email accounts are a worthwhile business expense that has a lot of hidden value.  For one thing, some of your business services (like newsletters) are much less likely to be marked as SPAM when they’re sent from your own domain name. Secondly, it also presents you as a more established “company” with an investment in your long-term success -- and not as a hobby.

But what's even more valuable to me is how it vastly improves my peace-of-mind. Having separate personal and work accounts means I can customize Mail notifications. For example, I can turn OFF notifications for “work” email while still keeping up with personal email.

This type of control helps reduce notification fatigue and decision fatigue, which is super-critical when you’re running your own small business. Having separate accounts makes finding, filtering, and managing email much easier and more nimble, so email is far less burdensome. 

Flexible Email Aliases

Another great way to manage email is to use temporary aliases. Many email providers (Fastmail, Gmail, etc.) allow for “plus addressing” which allows you to create unlimited aliases such as:


This way I can sign-up with various services, and use my Mail to route those less important messages into folders, leaving only the most critical messages for me front and center. It gives me reason to stop avoiding my Inbox, and I can now choose to deal with those messages on my own time rather that a constant stream.

I personally use ($40 per year for my purposes).  Want help customizing your email experience? Get in touch with me for details! [Ask Andrea]