Deliver Drip Content in Squarespace

Do you have a video series or other content you'd like to drip to your subscribers? You can can provide access to each day's content, and limit access to only already-released content, by creating a new Blog Page with bit of Custom CSS. You have control over formatting, and can provide unique buttons and links to related content, by keeping it all "hidden" on your existing Squarespace site. You just email the links using your MailChimp Automation (or ConvertKit Sequence). Questions? Get in touch!

See it in action, here on these Sample Pages

You'll see that  DAY 1 has the link to download a free book, and Video 1.

DAY 2 has Video 2 PLUS links back to "Day 1". 

DAY 3 has Video 3 PLUS links back to "Day 1" and "Day 2".

This is just one example of how you can customize the user-experience in your Squarespace site.