Hands-On Creating a Funnel Page with MailChimp and Squarespace

Using Squarespace, I'm able to create Funnel Pages to build an e-mail list when I do give-aways. Here's my outline for this project:

Prepare a “Giveaway” as a PDF Document

Step 1: Set a Completion Date for creating the giveaway 

Step 2: Write an outline of topics for this one PDF 

Step 3: Write content for as many points as you have time for, then schedule time to complete filling out the outline, keeping the goal date in mind

Step 4: Proofread* and edit all content

Step 5: Format the PDF content to match your branding

Step 6: Do a final read-through (you’ll be amazed as what you’ve missed until now)

Final Steps: 

  • Export the content as a PDF file
  • Upload the PDF file to your storage site 

Add Sales Copy to the Funnel Page 

Step 1: Write a draft of the sales copy for the funnel page

Step 2: Proofread* and edit all content 

Step 3: Format the content to match your branding

Create an Image to Use on the Funnel Page

Step 1: Arrange to have a photo taken with a model and the giveaway

Step 2: Export that image to your computer to touch-up and crop the the image

Step 3: Export the image for use on the funnel page.

Step 4: Insert the image into the funnel page, and format as necessary

Create a List to Collect Email Addresses

Step 1: (Optional) Review the “Create List” instructions on the MailChimp site:

Step 2: Inside your MailChimp account, create a new List with a distinctive name such as: July 2015 Giveaway

Step 3: Review the Lists’s Customize the List’s “Sign-up Forms” > “General Forms”. Customize the Heading and Body Text with your own graphics, branding, and instructions appropriate for this List.

Step 4: Customize the “Confirmation ‘Thank You’ page” with a link to your Giveaway Download, or instructions for accessing the Giveaway.

Connecting the List to the Form

Step 1: Go to the Action block of the Funnel Page

Step 2: Choose “Edit Form”

Step 3: Click “Storage”

Step 4: Connect your MailChimp Account

Step 5: Choose the newly created MailChimp list

Step 6: Save the changes

Final Step: Open the Funnel Page as a visitor, and test the form

Download the Outline PDF:

Outline: Creating a Funnel Page and Connecting MailChimp

My Video Walk-Through - Creating a Sales Funnel with Squarespace and MailChimp: 

Create a Funnel Page and Connect MailChimp


My Video Walk-Through - Managing Your Project with Trello: 

Using Trello to Outline and Track Your Funnel Page Project



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