Launch Your First Site in Squarespace

Launching Your Squarespace Site

Launching a web site is a necessity

It's the modern equivalent of a Yellow Pages Ad, allowing folks to easily track you down and make contact. Unless you're literally launching a web design company, you'll likely want to spend more time writing your content and working with clients than figuring out how to make the web site work. Most of my clients are Authors and Coaches who are looking for a site that then can add content too easily, but not drain time and money managing.

There's more to a healthy web site than fresh content and readability

Web sites are valuable business assets that need to be maintained and secured. If the platform your web site is built on is compromised with malicious software or ads, it's your responsibility to get it repaired for both the safety of your visitors and the integrity of your brand. 

Keeping startup expenses down

Doing as much on their own as they can sometimes leads business owners to tying multiple services together to create the appearance of a united web site.  Due to differences in how services are implemented, there can be complications in building a frictionless online experience.  If problems arise with any of the services, it can be a handful to track down the right support department to sort things out because multiple services are involved.

Minimum Maintenance

Even having built many business web sites, I don't want to spend a lot of time or effort on the maintenance and upkeep of my personal web site. I want to focus on client interaction and revenue building. For folks who want to focus on what they do best and maintain editorial control of their site, I recommend the comprehensive and low-cost solution of Squarespace.

I do not make in any way make money promoting Squarespace. I'm passionate about their product as a user, and because of how well they've performed for many of my own customers. Because of Squarespace, I no longer have to field heart-breaking calls from clients whose web sites have been compromised.

Beautiful, Easy to Use

Squarespace has built-in design templates, easy-to-use controls, blogging, photo galleries, podcast hosting, and e-commerce. It's all setup to enable you to get up and running quickly.  You can create funnel pages and sign-up forms; integrate with MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter (and more!); add and edit images and galleries; plus many other features.  

Security Included

You don't have to know any web site coding, Squarespace provides all the design controls in a friendly point-and-click interface. Best of all, Squarespace handles all of the web site security and platform maintenance, while also providing Live Chat and Email Support. You get a robust web presence with one-point-of-contact support for as low monthly fee. There's a 14-day free trial which includes 24/7 customer service. No credit card required. 

Squarespace Works For You

I offer "Will Squarespace Work for Me?" consultations. Send me your current web site address, or a brief explanation of what you're looking to build, and we'll schedule a one-on-one call. It's a simple path to peace-of-mind. I look forward to hearing from you!  [Ask Andrea]