Launching Your Podcast

First, some background. In order for your audience to FIND your podcast, you're going to need to submit your Podcast to the Apple iTunes Store. You need to sign in to Apple's "Podcasts Connect on iTunes Connect" to validate, submit, and manage your podcasts on the iTunes Store.

Top-Level Overview of Podcast Requirements:

Detailed 'Podcasts Connect' Instructions:

Access Your 'Podcasts Connect' Account:

IMPORTANT: I strongly encourage you to sign up for Podcast Connect using an Email Address that is NOT the same as the email address you use for your other Apple Services (iTunes, iCloud, etc.). This will help ensure that if one of your accounts is compromised, not all of your accounts are compromised. 

Details You'll Need to Define for Each Podcast Feed:

This is the information you need when you first setup your Podcast Feed.

Podcast Feed Details
Podcast Feed Details

What the Audience sees:

iTunes Podcast Listing

Your First Episode

The best way to do a "dry run" and ensure your Podcast feed is setup correctly is to record a very short (30-60 second) first episode that is really just an announcement and introduction to what your podcast is going to cover in general. The first episode can take up to 24 hours to post, because of the initial review process. Listen to this example, Larry Wilmore's "Teaser" first episode.


Updated 2017-Aug-6