Sales Funnel Checklist - Squarespace and MailChimp

Build Your Sales Funnel by Following this Checklist

It can feel overwhelming if you're new to the process. There's so many details...

Within Squarespace

  • Create a landing page using either a Cover Page, or a regular Page
  • Name the Page using the SEO Keyword or Phrase
  • If publishing on Facebook, configuring the OpenGraph settings in the "Advanced" pane
  • Make the Headline SEO Friendly, and under 50 characters
  • Write Sales Copy that references your SEO Keywords and Topics
  • Interleave images within the sales copy
  • Format the flow of the text and images to build up from an introduction of the problem being solved to the specific solution

If Your Sales Funnel is Giving Something Away for Free

Squarespace Setup

  • Create a Form Block, with Lightbox enabled, to collect the visitor's email address
  • Label the Lightbox button with affirmative and action words
    Example: Yes! I'm Ready to Double My Sales
  • Create a standalone (reusable) 'There's One More Step - Please Confirm Your Email' page
  • Create a the final 'Thanks for Signing Up' page that includes access to your Freebie, Giveaway, Class, etc.

MailChimp Setup (Using Double Opt-In)

  • Create your new MailChimp List
  • Format the Signup Form with the branding of this Sales Funnel
  • Configure the "Confirmation Page" to redirect to the standalone "Please Confirm Your Email' page you created earlier in Squarespace
  • Configure the "Thank You Page" to redirect to the standalone "Thanks for Signing Up' page you created earlier in Squarespace
  • Return to the Funnel Page in Squarespace and connect the Form Block to your MailChimp account and proper list

If Your Sales Funnel is Selling Something

Within Squarespace ...

    • Create a New Product in your Squarespace Shop
    • Double-check that you've customized and finalized the Commerce Settings in your Squarespace Account
    • Confirm your payment processor (Stripe or PayPal) is enabled in the Commerce Settings
    • If desired, configure the Commerce Settings to Add shoppers to your MailChimp list
    • At the bottom of the landing page, insert a Product Block to display the correct Product You're selling

    Struggling with Getting Started on Your Sales Funnel?

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