Shorten Links in Squarespace

sharing links to programs, groups, or the latest blog posts

The URLs to those are too often long, indecipherable, and unwieldy:

When You own your own Domain Name

You can use Redirects to map custom, short links to the long ones you want to replace, making them easier to share and remember:

It also helps to promote your brand by getting your domain name in front of people more often.

If you use Squarespace

Create your own shortened links inside of your Squarespace account by going to: 

Settings > Advanced > URL Mappings

Using Domain Management Tools

Otherwise, you can use your Domain Name Control Panel at your Web Host or Domain Registrar to setup "Redirects" or "URL Mappings". 

If you've bought an additional Domain Name to support a new project, book, or promotion, you can setup that Domain Name to point to a standalone page on your existing web site. This is particularly helpful when your new project needs just a landing page, and not a full site. 


Shorten Links in Squarespaec