Update Software to Protect from Theft

iOS and Mac Software Updates Secure Your Clients and Your Business - Amazing Andrea

Secure Business Assets with Software Updates

Your business is likely too small a target for hackers to deliberately turn their attentions to. But it's *way too* easy to get caught in a broad attack. Many folks don't realize that hacking is automated and performed by computer programs, not the actions of a single person. Having a low profile gives us a false sense of security. 

The easiest way to protect your devices and your business (including client data) is to regularly and PROMPTLY install your software updates. 

It may sometimes seem like a drag to get prompted to install yet another update, but truly is necessary. No software is ever 100% secure, and new vulnerabilities are being discovered and reported all the time. Thankfully Apple takes those issues seriously and quickly gets fixes implemented and delivered. All you need to do is setup auto-install or regularly choose to install them yourself. If you're *always* on your devices, set a reminder to start the install before you head off to bed for the night. :-)

You can also choose to have updates AUTOMATICALLY installed by enabling some settings.

Enable Automatic Updates on Your Mac

  • Click on the  menu and choose "System Preferences" 
  • Click the "App Store" icon
  • Enable the "Automatically check for updates" option
  • Enable the "Install system data files and security updates" option under "Automatically check for updates"
System Preferences App Store Automatica Updates
iOS Automatic Updates

Enable Automatic Updates on Your iPhone/iPad

  • Click "Settings"
  • Scroll down and click on "iTunes & App Store"
  • Enable "Updates" under "Automatic Downloads"


Please, do not put your self, your clients, or your hard-working business at an unnecessary risk!

Current Security Updates

For links and information for the most recent Apple Security Updates, visit: 

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