Erika Flint

Working with Andrea was such a delightful change for me - I was used to technical changes taking so much time and effort and challenges with communicating what I really wanted. But Andrea made it so easy.

She is highly skilled - she knew exactly what I needed as I explained it. This cut down on the back and forth and there was basically zero miscommunication or redoing of anything.

She’s enjoyable to work with - this is huge! She’s engaging and smart and funny. My project was big and not fun, but she made it as fun and as easy as it could be.

She’s very good at what she does. Now I have a website and CRM that works for me and it’s simplified. I’m super happy with the results and I get to focus on my core business instead of daily website headaches and updates.

I will be using Andrea for all my future technical needs and recommend her to anyone needing a website, custom software, or any technical solution of any kind.
— Erika Flint (

RavesAmazing Andrea