Funnel & Sales Page Tips

Before You Begin

Write down who your IDEAL client is. Don't say "everybody", because you're not going to get everybody. In order for your copywriting to be effective, you need to be writing (speaking) to your exact ideal client. Creating your marketing content will be much easier when you've defined your ideal client. Check out these resources:

Process Overview

If your product or service is new, and you don't have much (or any) of a following, using a Funnel Page to giveaway a "teaser" for free is a great way to collect email addresses and build interest. You would then drip marketing to those new folks to inform them, and eventually sell them, your product or service.

  • Decide on an appropriate, valuable promotional “giveaway” (i.e. a PDF book, a video, or bonus audio track)

  • Build a Funnel Page for the Giveaway, which is aligned with the Sales Page of the final product

  • The Funnel Page connects to a Mailing List which will deliver the "giveaway"

  • This same Mailing List is connected to 7-message Drip campaign (automation) talking up and building to the actual sales pitch

  • The Drip campaign should tell a story, providing value, and adding more details about the final product in each subsequent message

  • Simultaneously, prepare Blog Posts and Social Media Posts to SUPPORT and reiterate the Funnel Page and Sales messaging

  • Create Social-Media-friendly Ad and Blog images that are consistent with the images used on the Funnel and Sales Pages

  • Build a Sales Page for the actual product that is congruent in imaging and branding with the Funnel Page and Drip campaign

  • The Sales Page should have ONE clear Call to Action (CTA) as a big button (i.e. "Start Reading Now", "Get Started Now")

  • Have a professional proofreader read through all of your materials before they're released to confirm the coherent messaging and imagery and to catch all of those typos you've missed over time

Facebook Ads

If you’re using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your page:

  • Your ad images and sales text MUST MATCH the Funnel and Sales Pages, or your Ad will be rejected.

  • Your sales message must focus on what you’re giving away/selling and not on aspects of the “person” you’re speaking to

Use All of the Expertise Available

Many companies, like ConvertKit and LeadPages, have free tutorials, case-studies, and research that you can use to develop your own successful content using MailChimp and Squarespace.

Email Marketing Funnel Tips by ConvertKit (these tips can be applied to MailChimp campaigns):

DRIP Campaign Tips: I think you might find this article helpful:

Tips for Successful Funnel pages, by LeadPages:

Your Pages Are Products

Your funnel pages and sales process are products. Though they're internal products for your company, they require the same quality attention and resources that your signature products and services demand. Creating and preparing all of these materials takes time, more time and detailed attention then you might guess. Unless you already have a large, enthusiastic audience, you will need to be promoting and supporting your Sales Page Launch for many months. There are some fundamental tasks to make the process easier:

  • Make a production calendar, with specific (and realistic!) dates so you stay on track with content creation, proofreading, design, and production.

  • There are many tools, like Asana and Trello, which enable you to easily collaborate with your teammates to track projects, monitor due dates, and manage assets.

  • Use a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to streamline management of social media and promotional posts.

  • Edit the profiles on your active accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so your brand is consistent and up-to-date.

  • It's likely best to not do everything on your own. I'm an ardent DIYer, but this process can take a lot out of one person. Not to mention, it's way too easy to overlook typos and critical, but tiny, pieces. Get at least one team member to support you in this process!

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