Heidi Nord

Abigail Stason - AbigailStason.com
I was pulling my hair out, trying to gain access to my youtube account for almost a year! I had emailed YouTube, webinars on air, and google, and no one could help me gain access into my account! It was so frustrating because I’m an entrepreneur and I wear many hats, so sometimes figuring out the details can waste so much time.

I posted on Facebook about my dilemma and a friend linked me to Andrea. She had me signed into my YouTube account within 30 minutes! I couldn’t believe it. I had been at the end of my rope and Andrea waltzed in to save me like a dream. This is a true example of a business owner wasting time when I could have hired her right off the bat. Learn from me and hire Andrea now, don’t wait!
— Heidi Nord (HeidiNord.com)