Virtual Assistant PLUS

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Virtual Assistant Plus

You're an active entrepreneur who wants to hand business and marketing tasks off to a "Right-Hand Gal" who ...

  • understands your "big picture" business and goals
  • sees beyond the immediate assignment to recognize related issues and considerations
  • is capable of producing professional-looking materials and marketing assets
  • has high-end technical expertise and graphics skills

Well, you've found her! my skills are super-charged!


Only for entrepreneurs who want professional-grade marketing and business support with superior technical expertise.

Only for entrepreneurs who want professional-grade marketing and business support with superior technical expertise.

Features & Benefits

  • Answer technical questions, resolve technical obstacles
  • Set up Email Filters and Autoresponders
  • Configure Basic Email-Marketing Lists
  • Manage Email-Marketing Automations and Campaigns 
  • Database building (eg. updating email or contact lists on your CRM)
  • Project Tracking 
  • Creating basic reports (on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)
  • Preparing Slideshows (Keynote/Powerpoint Presentations)
  • PDF Creation, Conversion, Splitting, and Merging
  • Set-up Social Media Accounts 
  • Create Social Media Fan Pages/Groups
  • Create and Manage Video Hosting Account
  • Upload Videos to Video Hosting Account (with content you provide)
  • Schedule Social Media Posts (with content you provide)
  • Adding SEO Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  • Schedule posts on your Blog (with content you provide)
  • Publish episodes on your Podcast Blog (with content you provide)
  • Document Template Creation
  • Setup and Schedule Online Meetings and Seminars
  • Basic Image Editing (Not Graphic Design)
  • Basic Editing of Audio Files
  • Adding Intros and Outros to Videos/Podcasts files
  • Funnel/Landing Page Edits (with content you provide)
  • OpenGraph and SEO optimization for content posted
  • Manage Forms and Integrations 
  • Manage Zapier Zaps


$240 per month, billed on the monthly anniversary of sign-up.

Minimum 3-month commitment

Nitty Gritty Details

About Andrea

I have 30 years of experience providing administrative and technical support. My domain knowledge exceeds most typical VAs, so I'm able to work quickly and efficiently. My technical expertise means I'm also able to handle more sophisticated technical tasks like image, audio, and video editing.


What's the turnaround time?

I'll do my best to serve you and your incoming tasks with priority and without delay, but am unable to provide immediate turnaround. Most tasks will be completed in 24 hours and you can specify priority and due dates for your projects.

Do my hours roll over? 

Plan hours do not rollover, your service fees are not tied to time specifically.

What are the Business Hours? 

Standard business hours are typically Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm Pacific Time. You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend and it will be added to the queue.

Can you Change My Web Site or Do Graphic Design? 

Those services are available, but not as part of Virtual Assistant Plus. Get in touch here so we can schedule a time to discuss your project.

How Do I Submit Tasks, Get in Contact?

Email is the best way to submit tasks. For scheduled interactions, we can use FaceTime, Amazon Chime, Skype, or Slack as works with your infrastructure.

What are the Payment Terms?

Client agrees to pay setup fee and monthly service fee in full. Payments rendered are considered fully earned and non-refundable. 



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