Pat Beaupre

I did not understand what Frictionless was referring to when I first learned of Andrea’s work. As I signed up to learn various technical tools to start putting my business online - Blog, FB, Funnels, Email list builder, Email responders, etc., etc., etc., I started to recognize “friction.” I was calling it brain freeze and now I call it technical angst. A feeling that comes over my body and I feel heavy, stupid and stuck.

Andrea comes into the picture - I can say Andrea to the rescue — like a techno ninja, she does all this work, preps instructions for me to do it and gets it done right and quick. I wish I had not spent money on several teaching workshops to learn how to do every new tool and just spent more money on Andrea. She is worth every penny and has very reasonable rates. I look forward to when my business can sustain a Andrea contingency fund, so I can have her at my fingertips when things need doing.
— Pat Beaupre Becker (
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