Demo Quiz with Google Integration


Welcome to 'What Type of Pet Are You' Quiz

This demo is to show a custom Quiz built inside of a regular Squarespace page. The Quiz requires Javascript. After the final question, there is an option to collect the visitors' name and email address or simply display the results. The results are simultaneously sent to a Google Sheet attached to your Squarespace account, for importing into a mailing list or other use.

For this demo, I will display a link to the Google Sheet results, so if you choose to supply a name and email address as an example, be sure to enter FAKE information.

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How do you prefer to nap?
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Question 2 *
How do you feel about people knocking on the front door?
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Question 3 *
How do you feel about receiving baths?
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Awesome! Ready to See Your Results?

Providing a (fake) email address is optional, and is not required to complete the demonstration. It's just an example.

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