Steph Lagana

As a former project manager with the US military I have a lot of experience working with technical people, and salespeople. I can spot people that can talk but not walk pretty quickly. And I know quality when I see it.

Drea surpassed all my expectations. She showed up with a clearly defined scope of work (wow - already blew me away) and then let me know she’d be digging into the nuts and bolts of my existing systems to MAKE SURE that everything would work, nothing would break, and there was nothing squirrelly that was going on behind the scenes from my own fiddling.

She shaped my DIY worksite into something elegant, high-quality and functional. She built a clean, neat set of procedures to ensure I have a seamless nurture sequence for new subscribers. There is no question now, what I want my website and mail service to do - IT WORKS.

And just as importantly she does it with heart, laughter, and soul. I can’t recommend Drea enough. When you are ready to turn your website into a tool that supports getting your gifts out into the world, connect with Drea. She’ll help propel you forward with ease, expertise, and grace.
— Steph Lagana (