Stuff for Shawna - Dec 17, 2018

Follow-up Homework for Shawna (Dec 17, 2018):

1) Write out a sample schedule (I recommend creating a "Target" calendar in Google Calendar or on your Mac’s Apple Calendar).

  • Block out your time "As If". For example, perhaps you want to get all your coaching calls in before 3pm. When is your "scheduled" time to respond to clients and send their inspiration, etc. in support of their coaching package.

  • How much time per week will you schedule for reaching out to do talks? Network?

  • What milestones will you set for yourself to work towards (2 new clients in January? A speaking Gig by Jan 30?)

2) How to make what you “want” concrete

  • Start a “master list” of places you want to visit/retreat to. Schedule specific time to learn a bit about what’s involved with each site (How do you get there? What types of accommodations are available? What would it look like to hold a retreat there (in terms of resources and materials)?

  • Start a “master list” of exercises, instructions, meditations, reading, references that you can draw from that ARE you showing women how to stop waiting, how to see unravel chaotic stories, etc. Start making “real” the things you have to offer by assigning yourself homework to create a “toolbox”.

  • Make a list of the “Step 2s”. In other words, what concrete thing can you do after making these “Master Lists” to make those lists real? For example, can you and Dan literally schedule a trip in 2019 to one of these places? Can you literally publish some of these homework tools on your web site, which can be made accessible to your clients as an online resource?

3) RE: My ideal coaching package

  • Price your 8-Session Package, and refine this description for the website:

Stepping into Your Full Potential - Coaching Package

Designed for clients who are ready to take bold and concrete steps into a new level of personal success. Eight, 50 minute sessions delivered within 4 months. Program begins with a Personal Assessment and debrief. Also includes intra-session support via email to resolve time-critical issues and refine action steps. Best option for individuals facing change and looking to develop the behaviors and mindset needed to succeed in their new circumstances.

Solution Price: $4,000

[Drea can help with this after you do an editorial pass]

  • Write a definitive outline of 8 activities, worksheets, or assignments you would draw from and assign to a client during the coaching package.

4) RE: What could I walk into any business and give them

  • Write a definitive outline for one, 50- to 60- minute talk.

  • Create up to a 4-page (2, double-sided pages) worksheet that would accompany this talk.

  • Create a 1-page sales page on the web site that now describes the first 2 bullet points that you can link to when pitching this talk to businesses. [Drea can help with this after you do the 2 bullet points]

  • What will this talk cost?

  • Who are 3 companies you can reach out to in January to pitch to? Do you have contacts you can network with?

5) What can you do right now to guarantee you’ll take action on the above in January 2019? What support do you need?

Amazing Andrea