Advisory Services & Priority Solutions

My clients are those who need tasks done quickly, critical questions answered promptly, and on-demand access to my brain and expertise. Clients on retainer get priority of my time and attention. In exchange for prepayment, retainer clients save on the hourly rate.

With Each Package ...

You Get Access to my 30+ years of Experience in the form of:

  • business coaching and advising

  • brainstorming and idea generation

  • hands-on training on the products and services you use

  • written documentation with links to instructions you require

  • answers to "quick questions" via email or messages


I advise, answer questions, and provide instruction and information on the topics of: 

  • Client's web site and web-based presence (email, domain name, mailing list, etc.)

  • Use and features of web-based services

  • Use and features of apps for: computers, smartphones, and tablets

  • Use and features of online and social-media services

  • Recommendations for computers, smartphones, and tablets, and Apps

  • Make corrections and modifications to:

    • web sites and assets

    • mailing list campaigns

    • landing and sales pages

    • social media accounts, pages, and sites


Client agrees to pay retainer fee in full. Time required to fulfill requests will be applied against deposit until expended. Payments rendered are considered fully earned and non-refundable. Unused hours are not carried over; it is incumbent upon Client to utilize their retained hours for each period.

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