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Beth Wonson

When I first happened upon Drea I had no idea the depth and breadth of the services she offers nor of her competence, intelligence and speed! I had assumed Drea was another "VA" who operated behind the scenes making technology and social media work for facilitators, speakers, coaches and consultants like me. But as we began working ...

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Abigail Stason

Working with Andrea is a complete delight. There is zero sales pressure - and lots of education, helpful suggestions - anticipating my needs on every level. She takes client service to the next level. AND it's because she is an awesome human being. Every interaction is helpful and fun. I feel grateful to be able to work with her. And all of my technology is safer and more secure because of it.

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Heidi Nord

I was pulling my hair out, trying to gain access to my youtube account for almost a year! I had emailed YouTube, webinars on air, and google, and no one could help me gain access into my account! ... I posted on Facebook about my dilemma and a friend linked me to Andrea. She had me signed into my YouTube account within 30 minutes! I couldn't believe it. I had been at the end of my rope and Andrea waltzed in to save me like a dream. This is a true example of a business owner wasting time when I could have hired her right off the bat. Learn from me and hire Andrea now, don't wait!

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Maureen Doyle

Updating my website was something that I had put off for a very long time because I thought that it would be an excruciating process. So many decisions to make and I wondered if my designer would be able to fully understand what I was trying to accomplish. I am happy to say that did not happen! Working with Drea was such a painless process and actually was fun! Really fun!

Every interaction with her was informative and highly productive. Drea seems to also have such a gift for understanding exactly what you want and anticipating what you need.

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Steph Lagana

Drea surpassed all my expectations. She showed up with a clearly defined scope of work (wow - already blew me away) and then let me know she'd be digging into the nuts and bolts of my existing systems to MAKE SURE that everything would work, nothing would break, and there was nothing squirrelly that was going on behind the scenes from my own fiddling. She shaped my DIY worksite into something elegant, high-quality and functional ... And just as importantly she does it with heart, laughter, and soul ... She'll help propel you forward with ease, expertise, and grace.

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