Théa Anderson

Andrea is a miracle worker! I had a complicated issue with my website that I’d been trying to fix for a long time and just kept banging my head against a brick wall. It seemed impossible to solve and no one else I’d asked was able to understand the problem. I’m so glad I was recommended Andrea. She quickly worked out the issue (that no one else had spotted) but then was met with another wall of un-helpfulness by the large companies that were creating the problem.

She was amazing in her persistence and determination to sort it out. She tried many angles and spoke to many people on my behalf! I was so grateful that she’s as brilliant at being communicative as she is in her technical understanding (2 things that don’t always go hand in hand) and kept me constantly updated as well as answering all my questions extremely quickly.

I felt like she went out of her way for me and because of that, solved the seemingly unsolvable issue. I’m so relieved and delighted. It’s been a big pleasure to work with Andrea (I’d certainly work with her again) and I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her.
— Théa Anderson (
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