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Don’t know what questions to ask or who can help? That's where I come in!

My business background and technical expertise set me apart from web designers and virtual assistants. I am much more than a conventional programmer — I'm a designer and instructor with 30 years of experience during which I've also invested in my own education and training. 

My flexible and robust skill set means I provide thorough, precise, and thoughtful service to my clients.  I am able to act quickly, see the big picture and precise details, and provide articulate, detailed instruction and advice.

For Each Project ...

  • I provide personalized business coaching, helping you reach your Zone of Genius
  • I advise on the best products and services for your business
  • I outline the "big picture" of your chosen products and services so you're not wasting time and money

Do You ...

  • Want the best and most cost-effective solutions suitable for your business? Are you using the best matched services?
  • Want to understand how your different products and services interact with one another? Do you know what questions to ask to ensure inter-service compatibility?
  • Want to know the best workflow for setting up a new sales page and building your list? Are you effectively branding each of the steps, including the confirmation messages?
  • Want hands-on training with written documentation to get you up and running quickly and easily? Do you have a "emergency binder" with the "keys" to your business services?
  • Want the benefits of being a Tech Guru without having to do all of the research and configuration yourself? Do you know how to find the best and most accurate answers that are appropriate for YOUR specific products and services?

Project Types

Whether you have conventional needs, like mailing list setups, or unique requirements, like custom surveys and quizzes, I leverage my nearly 30 years of experience to get you up and running in a way that suits your learning and business style. I do web and graphic design, as well as building the tools you need to launch programs and manage your business.

Ready To Step Into Your Zone of Genius?

Signup for your complimentary consultation, during which you can tell me your project plans, or tales of woe, and we can discuss how I can be amazing for you!

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