Free Book Vol 3: 5 Steps To Improve Your Project Flow

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5 Steps To Improve Your Project Flow

DO YOU ...

In Go Frictionless! Volume 3: 5 Steps To Improve Your Project Flow, discover strategies for tackling friction in your projects for home and work. Recognize obstacles that can cause unnecessary friction while gaining insight and inspiration into goals and existing challenges. Do you lose sight of how:

✓  the most critical pillar of your success is your own good health and well-being?

✓  having to ad-lib each day's schedule makes it much more appealing to get distracted by non-essentials, and thus harder to achieve our stated goals?

✓  having only your inner voice as a sounding board and support system means time wasted not doing your most profitable, and rewarding, work?

✓  Implementing solutions and strategies based solely on your own knowledge and experience limits your potential success ?

✓  reluctance to tackle cumbersome maintenance can lead to unexpected losses and setbacks?

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