Business Roadmap

Business Roadmap


To maximize your business’s potential, you need a roadmap. During this 3-hour session, we’ll create a timeline of milestones to lead you to your year-end goals. We start with what products and services you want to be offering by year’s end. We’ll look at the type of work you’re doing, and how profitable it is. Then we work backwards to identify the products, services, and marketing that are the building blocks to achieve your year-end goals.

We’ll brainstorm ideas that are best suited for your style and audience. We’ll question how you can best serve the needs of your clients. We’ll discuss what tools and resources you have today, and how they can be leveraged or how they have to evolve.

There are so many features and services available to serve you, and it can be overwhelming to get a handle on it all by yourself. A session with me will get you up to speed, and we'll have a good time doing it! :-)


  • one 3-hour meeting via Zoom (can be recorded for your own replay)

  • a follow-up email with notes and recommendations

  • a follow-up 50-minute call for clarifying questions

Upon Payment, you'll receive an email to confirm your appointment.

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